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The weather this past weekend was on our side for the good. With a high of +8°C  Tiago, Ig, Simpa, Antoine, and I had to take full advantage of it . With this being said, Montreal weather seems to be letting up and giving us a break from the heavy snowfall and the snow banks are slowly melting away. So we all know what’s up !!!! Spring is slowly on the rise. We spent the day trekking around the Plateau and embracing the beautiful weather we were having. Due to busy and conflicting schedules its rare to get the chance to all really hang out together. So this occasion was also good since we were all together.





3Even though Winter appears to be loosening it’s grip, doesn’t mean it’s time to whip out the shorts and tees. However, you can hang up they heavy-duty jackets and get your layering game in full effect. There necessarily isn’t such thing as a “wrong” way to layer, however dealing with clothing there are always ways to not look like a total mess. Well if that is your thing of course. Layering is more than just throwing a bunch of garments on your body until you feel as if your are shielded from the weather without dealing with a massive coat. When layering you must also be cautious of proportions, cuts, drapes, textures, colors, and contrast. Good friend Tiago is a gentleman who I must tip my hat to, he understands well the puzzle of proper layering.10










Of course when dealing with style/fashion everything varies due to personal taste and style. But yet there are a few logical principles that should be  valued no matter your taste of style.

-When layering always start with the thinnest layer, which is pretty straightforward and logical if you ask me. These layers tend to be tanks, t-shirts, button ups, turtlenecks, and waffle shirts.

– Layering is a practical technique especially during the spring and fall. You’re better off wearing 3 thin layers rather then 1 thick one. This being the weather can fluctuate and change drastically during the course of the day. You don’t want to get caught out in humid temperatures wearing a wool cardigan and a down vest.

-Generally speaking you should never wear anything that you don’t feel comfortable in. When it comes to layering, if you cant scratch the top of your head, keep your arms by your sides, hell if you can’t even breathe. There is a good chance your layers are a bit too thick and you need to peel off some of those layers.

21 We headed over to Restaurant Le Hachoir for quick bite and to catch up with one another. Served by a passionate team, Restaurant La Hachoir has a large offering of tartare a delicious burgers. Great food, good vibes, and amazing company what more can one ask for ?







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  1. Thomas on said:

    Awesome pics. For the man with the orange beanie, where did you find that coat it’s so rad!!

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