Wearing Patterns, Polka Dots

dot4Want to accessorize your wardrobe or outfit without going over board, but yet grab attention from home girl down the hall? Add some life to your wardrobe with some prints. Its really the easiest way to do so if you really are minimalist and not into rings, necklaces and other accessories of that nature. Earlier this summer I dropped a post on the Definition Of Summer. In which I highlighted floral print, this time around I am sharing another print that is my personal favorite, polka dots.
As I pointed out in my previous post on floral print, the main issue men have with floral is the feminine vibe that it feeds off. But I also pointed out to the fellas that women love a man who can dabble into his feminine side. Along with that I must add that I believe floral print is for the rare breed of man who is a matured and confident individual when concerning style. Just like floral print, polka dots carry their own little stigma as well.

The thing with polka dots is that it doesn’t give off much of a feminine side but it throws off a more childish ring to it. I just might love polka dots because it’s the inner child of in me screaming for acknowledgement. Or as I would like to put it polka dots just show that I don’t take myself too serious all the time, it’s a very play full element to incorporate into a look. You choose.dot3

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