Things I’ve Learned About Life & Blogging : Never Stop Learning


Never stop learning.

At no age do we ever have I all figured out.

The only way to grow is to learn and develop skills also while gaining experience all at the same time. It all shapes us for whom we are presently and to whom we are going to become down the road. In todays modern society the Internet has taken over; people are sharing information much faster, things are going in and out of our system so quickly that if you blink you just might miss something. With everything moving so quickly if you don’t keep learning you’ll just eventually find yourself at a stand still and being left behind. Learning doesn’t always have to pertain to your specific craft, it can involve anything. From a new word down to mastering a new technique to get rid of your annoying hiccups.

One main key factor to life long learning is humility, do not be afraid to say “ I don’t know” instead of playing as if you do and just digging your hole even deeper. Do not! Do not! Do not! Be afraid to fail ever. Look at “failure” as an opportunity to learn, look at it as an experiment just a mild stepping-stone. To let yourself know where you went wrong and to go harder the next chance you get to perform.Over time learning begins to create ambiguity, it trains us to be able to accept and find new ways of doing things. Allowing us to let go of the past and build things for the future.

“We learn from failure, not from success!” –  Bram Stoker



Blog1Most importantly expanding your knowledge will allow you to stay ahead of he pack and remain there. Personally I focus a lot of energy on my weaknesses and strengths, humbling myself to know where and what I am doing wrong and how to improve in those areas. Building your strengths is a lot easier than working on your weaknesses. When one improves on his or her strengths they can make incremental movement. However don’t be blinded, just have enough humility and self-consciousness to notice gaps in your skills. Do not wait down the road to pave those gaps. Do it now!

2 comments on “Things I’ve Learned About Life & Blogging : Never Stop Learning

  1. Dope Post!

  2. Khadijat on said:

    I just happened upon your blog, and this was one of the first posts I read. It is really thoughtful and enlightening. Thanks, and keep up the good work! ♥

    Youth Savage

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