In my previous post I mentioned that the Blogger Project this year put together a blogger awards segment of the event. In which we were given categories and the 3-4 nominees to chose from. We would go around visiting the booths of the nominees and give each collection a good run through. Getting the story behind each collection also played a major factor in our decisions. Here are the winners:



Jason Schmitt

Public School











Norman Russel







Michael Bastian

Todd Snyder







New Balance

Billy Reid











Mc2saint Barths

Ocean Pacific

Katin Usa






J. Lindberg











Happy Socks

PROJECT Las Vegas S/S ’14 #BloggerProject

Cover Project

Cover Project



MA2Vegas RedU1

This past week has been quite the experience, as some of you may already know who follow me on Facebook as well as Twitter. This week I was in Las Vegas, Nevada attending Project Las Vegas.

For those whom may not  be familiar with Project let me give you a quick run down of this event. Project is a trade show that is held bi-annually in New York and Las Vegas. Bringing expertise and relevance to the global fashion industry through a highly merchandised and highly visual approach. Project is capable to create destinations where innovation, commerce, and service converge. Thus making it the world’s preeminent contemporary fashion trade event.

Not only was I an attendee at Project Las Vegas, I was also  chosen to be on board for the Blogger Project. The Blogger Project is a team of well-recognized editors and menswear aficionados chosen by Marcus Troy. This season the Bloggers chosen for this project teamed up and to celebrate and award brands in the following categories of : The Best Emerging Brand, Best Denim, Best of THE TENTS, Best Footwear, Best Swim / Active, Best Collection, and The Fan Favourite. I will be sharing the winners of these awards in a later post.


Gloomy Days


d1Gloomy rainy days are something we all despise but can not avoid during the transitional period of seasons (Spring – Summer). They can drag on for days on end. Luckily I didn’t get caught out in the rain. It was that time of the day where the rain had finally settled and left us with an overcast that just makes you feel as if the life is being sucked right out of you.

Wearing form-fitting apparel in gloomy or wet weather is the most uncomfortable thing to deal with. Even worse is when you get rained on and everything just feels as if its just stuck on to you ugh *shutters*. Gloomy and wet days I tend to throw on things that are a lot less form fitting and gravitate to a bit more of a baggier fit. Layering up during rainy seasons is a must, but not layering to the extreme. Keep it fairly basic with a lightweight sweater on unconstructed blazer. Why light weight? Well during rainy seasons while they may be a bit chilly the weather tends fluctuate quite quickly in a matter of minutes. Having something lightweight will be a good medium in case the climate decides to switch up on you mid day.

The cargos I am wearing in this post are heavier than what one should probably wear during the spring season. But they are still quite breathable and very roomie, and tend to absorb dampness a lot better than lightweight chinos or denim.




3 Ways to win this summer



Styling in the summer time can be a bit tricky, the weather is scorching and to be honest clothing is the last thing we all want on our bodies. With that being said it really doesn’t not leave many options for us men if we don’ t want to pass out from heat stroke. But like anything in life there is way around it. These are 3 basic ways your style can win this summer and manage the heat.


Mixing up patterns is not an easy task, you are more likely to run into more errors than actually pulling it off. Just keeping it realistic with you. But that doesn’t mean its not do able or you should just not give it ago all together. The most important thing to pay attention to when playing with patterns is size. Size does matter, it plays a very important role when trying to get this look poppin’ in the right way. One pattern should always be bigger than the other or one must be more or less scarce than the other. Also keep in mind your figure, if you are more on the bigger side of things stay clear of small detailed prints. Keep these things in mind and I’m sure it will keep you from looking like this guy.
Panama Hat

I clearly am no stranger to headwear, can almost say that hats are obsession. I really can point out and appreciate a really good piece of headwear in a crowd. In my humble opinion a good hat can bring personality to any outfit better than any other accessory. Every summer the hat of choice is the Panama Hat, why? It’s lightweight, flexible, and breathable for those extra humid days. What more can you ask for in a summer hat?

nbIMG_7728 copy
Trekking around whatever city you’re in sneakers are the only option for your feet, no body is really trying to trek through city streets in wingtips or brogues all day. Get your sneaker game up! If you’re not much of a sneaker person and do not know where to turn to when thinking of brands and styles. Keep it simple, do not try to drop a load of cash on Jordans if you’re really not about that life young blood. Get yourself a pair of basic New Balance sneakers and call it a day. Feeling a bit more frisky? Get yourself a pair of Nike’s preferably from their Series of Free Run trainers. They are the most comfy sneakers I have ever owned to date. Believe me I’ve been through a load of sneakers.

Working With Layers




The weather this past weekend was on our side for the good. With a high of +8°C  Tiago, Ig, Simpa, Antoine, and I had to take full advantage of it . With this being said, Montreal weather seems to be letting up and giving us a break from the heavy snowfall and the snow banks are slowly melting away. So we all know what’s up !!!! Spring is slowly on the rise. We spent the day trekking around the Plateau and embracing the beautiful weather we were having. Due to busy and conflicting schedules its rare to get the chance to all really hang out together. So this occasion was also good since we were all together.





3Even though Winter appears to be loosening it’s grip, doesn’t mean it’s time to whip out the shorts and tees. However, you can hang up they heavy-duty jackets and get your layering game in full effect. There necessarily isn’t such thing as a “wrong” way to layer, however dealing with clothing there are always ways to not look like a total mess. Well if that is your thing of course. Layering is more than just throwing a bunch of garments on your body until you feel as if your are shielded from the weather without dealing with a massive coat. When layering you must also be cautious of proportions, cuts, drapes, textures, colors, and contrast. Good friend Tiago is a gentleman who I must tip my hat to, he understands well the puzzle of proper layering.10










Of course when dealing with style/fashion everything varies due to personal taste and style. But yet there are a few logical principles that should be  valued no matter your taste of style.

-When layering always start with the thinnest layer, which is pretty straightforward and logical if you ask me. These layers tend to be tanks, t-shirts, button ups, turtlenecks, and waffle shirts.

– Layering is a practical technique especially during the spring and fall. You’re better off wearing 3 thin layers rather then 1 thick one. This being the weather can fluctuate and change drastically during the course of the day. You don’t want to get caught out in humid temperatures wearing a wool cardigan and a down vest.

-Generally speaking you should never wear anything that you don’t feel comfortable in. When it comes to layering, if you cant scratch the top of your head, keep your arms by your sides, hell if you can’t even breathe. There is a good chance your layers are a bit too thick and you need to peel off some of those layers.

21 We headed over to Restaurant Le Hachoir for quick bite and to catch up with one another. Served by a passionate team, Restaurant La Hachoir has a large offering of tartare a delicious burgers. Great food, good vibes, and amazing company what more can one ask for ?