Time well spent with Zahya

Starting the new year off with a test of my skills, patience, and sense of subject direction by putting together portraits Ive been meaning to work on. Animal portraiture is a lane I’ve been wanting to explore for quiet sometime, but due to creative blocks and procrastination ( I’m human too yah know )I just never really fully got around to putting it in motion. This is my first instalment of the project featuring Zahya. A sweet and playful Pitbull owned by my buddy Ryan. As the series progresses I’ll be experimenting with various lighting techniques, props, backdrops etc. Until I get it just how I like it, but knowing me I’d never be satisfied.


Enjoy 🙂


Collage 2


South Africa, simple and sophisticated via S.P.C.C



Hailing from South Africa, Sergeant Pepper Clothing Company ( S.P.C.C ) is a menswear denim lifestyle brand that believes simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. As a brand S.P.C.C are about well made items imbued with history and providing a rare combination of trend and longevity.

What I like particularly about S.P.C.C pieces is that they were not too light nor too heavy, which makes it great for the summer months. and that their simplicity makes them great pieces to play with when layering during the fall months. S.P.C.C vast product line, has got you covered on all basics from the comfortable Crank Jogger ( which I wear all the time now ) to a more casual sophisticated Tonic Shirt.

The homie Jon Carlo was prepping an editorial for Project Insider, seeing that all the garments only fit myself I openly obliged to be the model (sample size for the win). 🙂

To view more of the editorial view here.