New tricks when the coats come out



Temperatures drop and coats come out, reasons why I love fall. But sadly here in Quebec it’s crazy how quick that turns to the dead of winter. So us jacket lovers got to flex our fits while we can.

  You can say I’m romantic about my outerwear. A good coat is hard to come by, especially when you’re picky, have taste, but at the same time not into splurging if not necessary.

But when you find a gem, you find a gem. It’s just that simple. The Athletic Retro LA Kings jacket is definitely a gem in my books. Black, low-key, flattering fit, soft simmer. There’s no way I could pass up this piece, jackets are pieces that  always try to never let go of. I surely will keep this bad boy in the arsenal of outerwear for some time.


When it comes to black denim I tend to keep it to fairly minimal slim silhouette. Style is to be explored, its always good to experiment with various styles you and try expand your range of style.  The Broderick Slouch Skinny by Hudson Jeans has a great deal of unique characteristics that are far from my personal norm. Such as the two front zip pockets on each side of the hip and the light grey distressed pattern through out the jean. I find my self rocking them more often then I thought. I guess Hudson can is teaching your boy some new tricks.HA!


PROJECT Las Vegas S/S ’14 #BloggerProject

Cover Project



MA2Vegas RedU1

This past week has been quite the experience, as some of you may already know who follow me on Facebook as well as Twitter. This week I was in Las Vegas, Nevada attending Project Las Vegas.

For those whom may not  be familiar with Project let me give you a quick run down of this event. Project is a trade show that is held bi-annually in New York and Las Vegas. Bringing expertise and relevance to the global fashion industry through a highly merchandised and highly visual approach. Project is capable to create destinations where innovation, commerce, and service converge. Thus making it the world’s preeminent contemporary fashion trade event.

Not only was I an attendee at Project Las Vegas, I was also  chosen to be on board for the Blogger Project. The Blogger Project is a team of well-recognized editors and menswear aficionados chosen by Marcus Troy. This season the Bloggers chosen for this project teamed up and to celebrate and award brands in the following categories of : The Best Emerging Brand, Best Denim, Best of THE TENTS, Best Footwear, Best Swim / Active, Best Collection, and The Fan Favourite. I will be sharing the winners of these awards in a later post.


Roshe’s & Kimono’s



I’m a big fan of wearing articles of clothing that play on a role of cultural influences. Trends come, go, and get passed down through out the pyramid. But clothing from cultural purposes holds much more than just looking great but they can carry a story and purpose.


The Kimono is a tradition Japanese garment worn by both men and women. It I said that the word Kimono means “thing to wear” (Ki “wear” and mono “thing”). Today women most likely wear Kimonos for special occasions. Men tend to save them solely for marriages and tea ceremonies.

Woven 3Woven 4


Nike is still holding down the fort for offering the most comfortable sneakers on the market. With their series if variations of the free run and Roshe Runs. My first go at the free runs I got my hands on these. Which in turn changed the level of comfort you can experience from any sneaker. Believe me I have been through every style of sneaker you can think of.

There are many advantages to have a sample size in footwear (Size 9).  One being sneakers always look better between the sizes of 8 – 10.

WovenAnother advantage is that you may get your hands on sneakers that may be extremely exclusive. But nonetheless I picked up these Woven Roshe Runs during my stay in Brooklyn. What is really sweet about owning these joints and fitting in sizes between 9 – 10. These sneakers didn’t come out for men they were designed exclusively for women. I spotted them a few months back via crazy ways of the internet. Drooled over them for a week or so, tried to get a pair but came to find out they were only for women so I just scratched them off my list. This time around I figured why not try on the largest size they may have just for the hell of it and what do yah know. They fit like a glove and just as comfortable as any other Roshe sole sneaker.


All visuals courtesy of Crisis 










Gloomy Days

d1Gloomy rainy days are something we all despise but can not avoid during the transitional period of seasons (Spring – Summer). They can drag on for days on end. Luckily I didn’t get caught out in the rain. It was that time of the day where the rain had finally settled and left us with an overcast that just makes you feel as if the life is being sucked right out of you.

Wearing form-fitting apparel in gloomy or wet weather is the most uncomfortable thing to deal with. Even worse is when you get rained on and everything just feels as if its just stuck on to you ugh *shutters*. Gloomy and wet days I tend to throw on things that are a lot less form fitting and gravitate to a bit more of a baggier fit. Layering up during rainy seasons is a must, but not layering to the extreme. Keep it fairly basic with a lightweight sweater on unconstructed blazer. Why light weight? Well during rainy seasons while they may be a bit chilly the weather tends fluctuate quite quickly in a matter of minutes. Having something lightweight will be a good medium in case the climate decides to switch up on you mid day.

The cargos I am wearing in this post are heavier than what one should probably wear during the spring season. But they are still quite breathable and very roomie, and tend to absorb dampness a lot better than lightweight chinos or denim.