Muttonhead F/W Look book “The Great Exploration”



We are all familiar with the good folks at Muttonhead, they are surely no stranger to this space. They consistently produce amazing goods from right here in Canada, not only that but they are amazing people. Muttonhead just launched their A/W collection “ The Great Exploration”. What should you expect from Muttonhead look books? Great environments, cute girls dressed like boys (my fav), and mans best friend.

IF45xHlFmpsunkLrH5EzdWbelxEnvc47Mrkyt_xHxTI,fNV7hyfWLkdawJdgedOFZlliUVUbyLAyYIj03wCB1kA,4CN8p61HjoNNE-O1YGufLrj8MvJVVPl3vlLr3W4RoucThe A/W 13 collection was inspired by a mix of functional outerwear and classic sportswear. Traditional detailing and textured fabrics give the collection a minimalist, yet durable feeling.  The collection includes 20 styles in various colour ways for both men and women.

zC1GTsaV64SLPVhaeJq3ObNdDqiHTHZ3ZNsNoo6ykLA,WhHVcycOo8GRIzmIwpeFdxHuOd9ioXkdjaOfBLTt9Ao,HJq8rJWuO3Nw0KgMGkrapCOZ8LEcbZYL9QYYKspM3eYIn true explorer form, Muttonhead built the collection based upon layering. The first layer, worn closest to the skin, is made up of a breathable and moisture wicking performance fabric. The middle layer consists of either a light weight or heavy weight option, depending on the activity at hand. Muttonhead offers a variety of knits and woven options in both their sweaters and trousers.


The outer layers are made up of Melton Wool, which is naturally water repellant and Oil Cloth. The outerwear within this collection focuses on practical and large 2 way pockets, which is necessary for exploring.



Muttonhead S/S “Propr Sport” Giveaway – CLOSED


It’s that time again, to celebrate the great success that came along with the recent editorial I put together with Muttonhead. We have decided to put together a little giveaway for you all to drool over for being such great readers.

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Directed & Shot Muttonhead “Good Sport” S/S ’13 Collection


For those who have been keeping up with my blog for a good period of time know that Muttonhead is no stranger to my blog. We have teamed up again to put together a bit of an editorial for your viewing pleasures. I was honoured to have the opportunity to direct and shoot this project. This shoot features pieces from Muttonhead’s Spring/Summer  ’13 collection which you can obtained from their web shop here. Muttonhead’s Spring/Summer collection is entitled “Good Sport’. Which is inspired by  the rebellious tribes of Venice Beach’s Z-Boys, the collection appeals to adventurous kids looking for kits to suit their counterculture lifestyles. The “Good Sport” name references the athletic theme and the easy going sprit that embodies Muttonhead.




Proprpostur Holiday Giveaway

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Christmas is just around the corner, carolers are all out and about, cant walk into any store without dealing with over exaggerated Christmas music, and we all got that one friend who loves Christmas and will not shut up about how much he or she adores it  even if they have you on the edge of vomiting. If you don’t have a friend like that chances are… you are that friend (Hi Anna ). But I’m going to give the Christmas spirit a try and play Santa Claus. I teamed up with Little Burgundy, Muttonhead, and Mandatory to put together and giveaway for my readers.

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