Bonvivant is back to hit you over the head with a new line of quality shirting produced here in Quebec. Made up of high quality 100% Japanese Fabric and our signature-tapered silhouette. Inspired mainly by the era of classical Americana The Gino Shirt is an essential in every man’s wardrobe.In Bonvivant’s latest lookbook “Place St Henri” eyed  by Jean Mathieu and modelled by yours truly ( Proprpostur ) Jean Mathieu takes you on a trip through Montreal’s rigorous metro system while I'm sporting the latest gear from Bonvivant

Personal Favourite Shirt : Gino Selvedge Denim

How I See It: Praise FW’17 X Frame Moi

Summer time in Montreal is sweeter than lemonade sipped through a straw made out of sugar cane, but as we all know Autumn is slowly but surely creeping up. So as much as we love basking in the sun and running around with your summer love(s). We eventually need to layer up and get set for cuffing season, which I am not the least bit mad at if you ask me. I had teamed up with PRAISE to shoot and showcase their FW’17 collection, and it excites me just as much as the idea of cuffing season being around the corner.  Not to mention the amazing eyewear by Frame Moi.

Based between Montreal and Los Angeles PRAISE was born to bridge style, quality and value. Since Day 1 PRAISE has been solely committed to bringing innovation across different product categories; emphasizing on fit, fabric, construction and comfort. Everyone is built different in terms of personality, in which can be translated through their personal style. PRAISE has a strong sense of this idea and utilizes this ideology in their approach to defining PRAISE, they are not set to impose a lifestyle or any specific identity. Working with wardrobe staples like distressed denim and the coach jacket, PRAISE keeps a hint of familiarity with a twist of their own interpretations on the classics. Giving PRAISE the ability to cater to anyones personal style while maintaining their value.


We had also partnered up with Frame Moi, for all my eyewear fans this is a brand of eyewear to that you need to get to know. Constantly hunting for framed treasures since 2015 with the mindset to give each frame a second life span. Frame Moi carries a wide variety of styles of eyewear, from various eras between the 1900’s to 2000’s. Besides carrying a wide selection of frames, Frame Moi also provides unique customization to fit your personal style whether you want a solid colour lens, a coloured gradient, or simply lenses to help with sight Frame Moi has you covered.

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Photos Below Shot By Oliviero Fontana

Menswear Essentials | Cargo Pants



 Photography By Oliviero Fontana

Originally designed for the military in the 1930s, cargo pants are loose fitting trousers designed to be extremely durable and be suitable for tough outdoor activities. They are typically characterized by multiple large pockets that were traditionally used to hold field dressings and other equipment. Crafted for paratroopers who literally had to jump out of a plane and be ready for battle the second they hit the ground. The cargo pant has stood through the test of time and carries quite a history.

Despite their reputation for being unfashionable, cargo pants are one of the biggest trend pieces for this season. As skinny trousers become replaced by more baggy alternatives, cargo trousers will become increasingly more popular. They have been looked at as really masculine, and at other moments in time they have been looked at as lame and uncool. They can be spotted being sported by comic book nerds to soldiers on the frontline, ready to step into action at any given moment. The cargo pant is like the double-agent of the menswear world, simultaneously working for both sides of the field – the cool and the uncool.

Arguably the most traditional cargo pant style, Khaki is a colour originally worn by the military for camouflage. Army cargo pants for men have been around ever since they were invented. The practical applications of these trousers make them excellent for extreme jobs. However, the stylish khaki colour also means they’re great for wearing casually. Pair them with a white shirt and a heavy duty workman jacket for a great everyday look.