Menswear Essentials | Cargo Pants



 Photography By Oliviero Fontana

Originally designed for the military in the 1930s, cargo pants are loose fitting trousers designed to be extremely durable and be suitable for tough outdoor activities. They are typically characterized by multiple large pockets that were traditionally used to hold field dressings and other equipment. Crafted for paratroopers who literally had to jump out of a plane and be ready for battle the second they hit the ground. The cargo pant has stood through the test of time and carries quite a history.

Despite their reputation for being unfashionable, cargo pants are one of the biggest trend pieces for this season. As skinny trousers become replaced by more baggy alternatives, cargo trousers will become increasingly more popular. They have been looked at as really masculine, and at other moments in time they have been looked at as lame and uncool. They can be spotted being sported by comic book nerds to soldiers on the frontline, ready to step into action at any given moment. The cargo pant is like the double-agent of the menswear world, simultaneously working for both sides of the field – the cool and the uncool.

Arguably the most traditional cargo pant style, Khaki is a colour originally worn by the military for camouflage. Army cargo pants for men have been around ever since they were invented. The practical applications of these trousers make them excellent for extreme jobs. However, the stylish khaki colour also means they’re great for wearing casually. Pair them with a white shirt and a heavy duty workman jacket for a great everyday look.

1920 Somethin’ | Newsboy Cap


messenger_IMG_1193_Proprpostur copy

Sometimes referred to as the Baker Boy, Bandit Cap, Eight Panel, The Cabbie, Newsboy Cap, and The Messenger Hat. The Newsboy Cap is definitely a personal favourite of mine in the hat world. Due to the various plays on shapes, textures, and proportions the newsboy cap in my books can never get old, but beware they are not exactly the most flattering hats if not pulled off correctly. It should fit you like a baseball cap with some extra fabric on top. The “rule” is that the fabric should be minimal, never touching your ears or flopping over to one side. However I’ve never been much for style rules, so having more fabric than the average newsboy cap is fine to my personal taste.

During the 1920 hats were essential in a mans wardrobe, so much so that men wouldn’t even leave the house without having their heads covered. While the Top Hat was the most formal hat to sport, the most informal style of hat during the 1920’s was the Newsboy Flat Cap.  As the name suggests, many newsboys in the early 20th century wore this cap, giving it a “working class” reputation. However this is a misunderstanding – the newsboy was commonly worn by teenagers and young men of all social classes. The Newsboy became very popular with well-to-do country sportsman and was seen on the heads of many golfers.

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messenger_IMG_1133_Proprpostur copy



Surmesur | Bringing Innovation To Suiting

Last night ( Wednesday February 1, 2017 ) Surmesur showcased their newly revamped boutique in Montreal. With their exceptional shopping experience and quality products at the best value, Surmesur aims to be the main reference for custom made-to-measure menswear in North America.

From the wall to wall wide selection of over 8,000 fabrics to the latest design of podium-mirror space, the brand provided lighting specific changing room geared to viewing the selected clothing three different environments. These light settings include tropical sunsets, in the office-colder atmosphere and in home-neutral environment. But it doesn’t stop there, Surmesur has an online tool “ The Studio “ that allows customers to see their creation of personalized suits before placing their order. Too make the shopping experience even smoother, all adjustments needed can be made with their in-house tailors who will take care of everything at no cost!

Surmesur is an original concept-boutique that allows men to wear distinctive shirts and suits, tailored to their measurements, manufactured to their tastes, and offered at ready-to-wear prices.  With many locations in various cities including Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa, Pittsburgh and Chicago, the stores are very accessible to the trendy gentlemen. I would highly suggest any menswear enthusiast to check Surmesur out and indulge in the suiting experience!












Keeping It Snug





I officially cannot wear sneakers for the next 5- 6 months! Winter has hit definitely hit Quebec and shows no signs of mercy (not that I expected Mother nature too). To aid myself and my toes this winter I got my toes stuffed in The black on black 8137 Moc Toe boots from Redwing. The past few weeks I’ve been working on hard on on breaking in the high quality leather, its tough road but well worth it. Another item I have added to my fall/winter rotation is a layering coat ( similar style ).  Its the most ideal piece you would want to own this season. Especially if you’re not interested in committing having a massive bulky winter jacket on you at all times.

This past weekend I spent sometime out of Montreal to have a quiet relaxing time in Quebec City. Not much relaxing since I figured I would bring my office along with me anyway. But a change of scenery is highly encouraged in my book, especially when you is so little as a 2 hour drive.