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it felt like i knew you….

by Proprpostur on November 25th, 2013

Airports, metro stations, and bus terminals are on the top of my lists of places I like being. They are filled with comers and goers, so many stories, so many beliefs, and so many experiences. Call me crazy but from time to time when I...

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Magazine Wall

by Proprpostur on November 19th, 2013

It is said that a picture can speak a thousand words. I’m a sucker for well-constructed visuals and over the past few years I have been working at trying to understand the importance of flow in typography and the overall designs of billboards, posters, flyers,...

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If I Could, I Would #1

by Proprpostur on October 28th, 2013

I don’t know what is worse, having expensive taste and no funds to support it or having all the funds in the world but having very little to no taste at all. Hell I’d probably have to go with the first option in my situation....

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3 Ways To Take It Back To Basics

by Proprpostur on October 16th, 2013

“ Where did you get that piece? How do you find these things? I wish I could pull that off! We should go shopping together sometime soon!” These are comments that most “stylish” individuals are bombarded with all the time. If you’re are not getting...

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Inspired By : William Klein

by Proprpostur on August 12th, 2013

In a time where everything is so liquid, trends come and go, and 90% of internet celebrities are admired off of their looks versus having any actual talent or skill. It is extremely difficult to find inspiration to push you to get to your next...

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by Proprpostur on August 8th, 2013

Editors Pad : “Own Words” Is a series that is inspired by that J.Cole lyric “Man one year later I was on them phones collecting money. A lesson from me-everybody got a story dog .Unfortunately learned I can’t do nothing for you”, I want my...

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5 Essentials For Your Bachelor Pad

by Proprpostur on June 27th, 2013

Procrastination is at its highest point right now. I am planning on moving into my new place this Saturday and I have not packed a single thing. Matter of fact there isn’t even a single box in my current apartment to put anything in. However...

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Own Words : The Path To Perfection

by Proprpostur on June 17th, 2013

Editors Pad : “Own Words” Is a series that is inspired by that J.Cole lyric “Man one year later I was on them phones collecting money. A lesson from me-everybody got a story dog .Unfortunately learned I can’t do nothing for you”, I want my...

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Dream Pad by Marc Benjamin Drewes and Thomas Schneider

by Proprpostur on June 7th, 2013

We all have our own personal idea of what a dream pad should look and feel like. When visualizing our dream pads, every little detail is just as critical as the next it keeps everything flowing perfectly. It may not make sense to anyone else...

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ABC of Mens Fashion

by Proprpostur on August 10th, 2012

Originally written in 1964 written by Hardy Amies the ABC of Men’s Fashion is a witty guide to gentlemen’s style and etiquette. From the etiquette of dressing for all occasions to the meaning of technical terms, Hardy Amies’s skillful eye guides you safely through style...

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Around Project // NY

by Proprpostur on July 25th, 2012

As some of you may already know I’m currently in New York checking out the trade shows Capsule & Project. This is actually my first time in New York and most definitely will not be my last. The energy this city has is incredible; everything...

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Power of your mind and thoughts

by Proprpostur on July 5th, 2012

I cannot stress enough the amount of power the mind of every individual holds. The way we think of not only ourselves but how we also allow others to perceive us has a major role on what it is we want to achieve whether it...

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Thoughts : How Bad Do You Want It ?

by Proprpostur on May 2nd, 2012

The money, cars, fame, and all the women you can ever desire. Sounds great doesn’t it. Give in take what you want pending on your values along with everything in life it all comes back to taste. But nevertheless we all want to be successful...

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Inspired By // Antoine Ryan

by Proprpostur on April 11th, 2012

Out of all the people I have met in my life thus far, one person who I can confidentially and comfortably say that loves and nurtures his craft is my good friend Antoine Ryan. He is constantly on the move always putting things together not...

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Inspired By // Designspiration

by Proprpostur on February 9th, 2012

For all the creative heads out there young and old this is something I feel we all can appreciate and feed off of. Not too long ago The Halftime Collective and I had a bit of a sit down, and really just talked about inspirations,...

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