German Design Studio Helps You Earn Your Stripes

unnamed-3Nothing gets me more excited about a product then when its design and style is sleek but the functionality is not compromised. German based design studio STUDIO DESSAU debuts their latest works in luxury leather bags The Wingcase. This bag is pretty ideal for the young professional trying to earn his or her stripes in their industry. The Wingcase is the first briefcase of its kind that focuses primarily on smart functionality to make work and life easier for urban professionals, but also is designed with premium quality and style in mind.

The Wingcase is handcrafted with genuine leather for a clean and minimalist design. Available in tan or black, it also has intelligent features for business professionals. A built-in phone and tablet charger can power devices inside of the bag, or the port can be accessed through a zippered opening on the top of the bag, so you can use your phone outside of the bag while it’s still charging.

With all this said, I have even got to my favourite part about this briefcase yet, get this! The Wingcase also transforms from a briefcase to an overnight bag. When the center laptop case is removed, The Wingcase can hold clothes, shoes and more for a one- or two-night trip.

Have a look for yourself :

Summer Scarves

Back in the day gentlemen would wear their summer scarves in a dull manner. Just draping it around their necks, got the job done. That at times can be a bit of a hassle, your scarf position may move off center or give discomfort as you’re on the move from point a to point b. But now due to style conscious men such as you and I we have changed all of that perception on how a scarf should be worn.

The cowboy square scarf knot is my personal favorite way of wearing this piece. It’s neat and not too flamboyant. Placing knots, loops, wraps and twist in our scraves not only make them a lot more practical. But as well can even complement the scarf, pending on your style of tying it. Men don’t have many accessories to play with so lets make the best of what we got shall we.

The Blue Geo Dot Hand-Blocked printed scarf is more than just a piece of quality product but as well it has an uplifting back-story. The printing process of these scarves is done by women using wooden blocked equipment. This process of printing is used to empower women and craftspeople in India through work groups. This is the first of many beautiful pieces that plan on showcasing to you from the good folks at Dolbeau.