If you’re like me, your attention to detail is always a high point. Furthermore when putting fits together you may want to showcase your taste in detailing but not go too overboard with it. Suspenders are the perfect accessory that walks the link of being a strong piece but also extremely subtle if played right. Thats Right ! Suspenders aren’t just for the Larry King’s of world, the suspenders can now be considered just another element in the well-dressed modern gentleman’s sartorial playbook.

I have a thing for things that get better with age, gives it time to build character and everything feels better once you really break them in and give them your own personal mold.  These leather suspenders by JJ Suspenders fits the criteria of a quality product that without a doubt gets better with time.

But with every sartorial move we make there a a few tricks to the trade to keep an eye out for.

First and foremost stay away from suspenders that only have clips, suspenders should always have buttons to fasten them. Thats it! Thats all! No exceptions.

Secondly keep in mind that suspenders are a method of keeping your pants up and in place. Belts are also another method of keeping your pants hoisted. The two should never be worn together, it’s  either you wear suspenders or a belt. If you’re wearing both you’re telling the world you don’t trust your own pants. And who trusts a man who doesn’t even trust their own pants ?? No one that’s who.

Suspenders used to come in different sizes/lengths. Now they have adjusters. When dialling in the right length, there’s a balance point between being too loose and too tight – the latter can lead to an uncomfortable tightening of the pants between the buttocks. Ahem! My advice here is to go by feel. You’ll know when you’ve got them set up properly. Suspender should not be digging into your skin. Suspenders should framing your shoulder and torso, where men carry their pride and powder.

If you’re new to suspenders id highly suggest to keep it simple. Contrast solid coloured straps with the hue of your shirt, like a tan on blue or a black on white. Complimentary colours may work just as well. As long as its clear where the shirt ends and the suspenders begin.

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