SSENSE Collaborates with Korean designer JUUN .J

1There is a rising generation of South Korean designers that are conveying the frenetic energy that is Seoul’s street scene and menswear culture. JUUN .J is one of these rising starts from out of South Korea since his first label, in 1999, Lone Costume, the designer has worked on developing a signature concept of “street tailoring” that has become increasingly popular and influential in the fashion landscape.

What is “street tailoring” ?
Street tailoring is the fuse of volumes and proportions influenced by women’s wear and 3at times Eastern design and meshed with street where that transforming garments into something fresh and contemporary.

This fall street artist Greg Simkins and JUUN J collaborated to put together a series of prints featuring cockatoos, squids, dragons, and big-eyed bulldogs all floating in psychedelic landscapes. Alexandfelix came together with JUUN J for this collection as well, which included new images from their latest series of “13 Queens”
Personally I am not the biggest fan of graphic shirts it’s 4extremely rare to catch me in one. But this graphic was just so abstract and all over the place I had to make an exception. Even the description of the graphic work on paper is a giant mind bend, but it works.

This shirt is available exclusively at SSENSE.


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