Sawa Takai, Why Isn’t #Menswear This Good ?

The title should say it all on how I’m feeling about Sawa Takai’s F/W 2013 lookbook. Sawa is a designer based in New York, she studied at F.I.T and graduated in 2010. Her garments are all produced in Japan, it is evident that designs are heavily influenced by menswear. Coincidentally  enough when I came across her F/W collection it reminded me a lot of Engineered garments, specifically their F/W collection that I shared at the top of the season. See the influence? It turns out that Sawa has past work experiences with Engineered Garments in New York (good eye Spencer good eye).

Her pieces show a great attention to detailing and reinforcement techniques while working with Engineered Garments. Sawa Takai is a designer to keep your eye on without a doubt.

Sawa Takai explores deliberate layering through addition and subtraction. Engineered melton wool double-paneling functions as protective sheaths symbolizing strength and concealment. These heavy layers are contrasted by removed panels and split seams in soft flannel revealing interior linings and representing vulnerability and exposure. Together these themes play on Takai’s reflections on metropolitan women who must preserve their inner tenderness while projecting strength to the world to survive.



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