Puma Suedes X Marcus Troy
May 20th, 2012

The Puma Suedes are indeed a classic, and with anyone who has a sense of style or event just an appreciation of style. Can admit they love and admire anything and everything that is a classic. These suedes take me back to my childhood memories snot nose kid running around in these. To now being 23 and still being able to wear these sneakers with the same appreciation and love.

 Western Button Down – Vintage
Camo Trousers – Stussy
Sneakers – Puma

Marcus Troy recently got together with a team over at Puma to put together a web space experience to share globally, the appreciation for these sneakers as well as different ways of styling them from our own personal perception, in which many others including myself had a chance to contribute to. Classics are forever timeless, and this web space is a great example of this statement.

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  1. Timeless and classic indeed, and a great ensemble to match.

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