Proprpostur Holiday Giveaway

Christmas is just around the corner, carolers are all out and about, cant walk into any store without dealing with over exaggerated Christmas music, and we all got that one friend who loves Christmas and will not shut up about how much he or she adores it  even if they have you on the edge of vomiting. If you don’t have a friend like that chances are… you are that friend (Hi Anna ). But I’m going to give the Christmas spirit a try and play Santa Claus. I teamed up with Little Burgundy, Muttonhead, and Mandatory to put together and giveaway for my readers.

Check out what’s up for grabs and the rules below :

1) You must be following my Facebook Page HERE
2) Like this photo HERE
3) Hop on Twitter and tweet [ I have entered the @Proprpostur Holiday Giveaway ]
4) Show love and LIKE Muttonhead, Little Burgundy, and Mandatory

This giveaway is open to everyone world wide!

EASY AS THAT!  There will only be one winner who will be chosen at random, the giveaway is open until DECEMBER 24th.


13 thoughts on “Proprpostur Holiday Giveaway

    1. Mandatory’s web site is currently under construction. If you live in the Montreal area you can pick up a set from Off The Hook and Fake Store.

  1. Sorry to say but if you do not have a twitter account you are not eligible to enter. It’s only fair, however there will be a great amount of giveaways in the near future. If this doesn’t work out keep your eyes peeled for up coming giveaways.

    Thank you for reading & Happy Holidays

  2. Hi!!
    I’m not sure if my tweet will be obviously mine (vive_l_amour), so wanted to mention I’ve done it all here 🙂


  3. I hope the fact that I’m not a man wouldn’t hinder my chance of winning.
    I find these items are completely wearable for me 🙂

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