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When in the market for a bag it can be a tad bit frustrating finding something that appeals to your taste without having to drop a pretty penny. But with a great appreciation for craftsmanship, quality, and longevity it all makes sense and worth every buck. Sadly to say there are very few brands who are not able to live up to their pricing margins with the exchange of quality and longevity. On the plus side Lotuff Leather is not one of them.

 “Lotuff Leather is a collaboration of prideful American craftsmen making fine quality leather goods the way they should be made. The love and passion that go into our handmade bags are tangible: you can see, smell, and touch the difference. Our vision is to create items of lasting value and the work is a reflection of our personal character. We are proud to put our name and unique product number on every good.” – Lotuff Leather

Their Leather:   Before I reached Lotuff Leather’s booth, I could literally smell the leather from at least 20 feet away. Nothing beats the aroma of fresh leather at a trade show, similar to your mother’s fresh homemade cookies coming out of the oven but just in a fashionable sense. Lotuff’s leather tanner has many years of expertise in leather to ensure that their origins leather is supple and durable. By using only natural and uncorrected leather, the  cutting and construction process is lengthy.  But nonetheless these piece are built with great longevity and durability.

 Check out their site HERE

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