Power of your mind and thoughts

I cannot stress enough the amount of power the mind of every individual holds. The way we think of not only ourselves but how we also allow others to perceive us has a major role on what it is we want to achieve whether it is for the long term or short term. When concerning short term day to day achievements, we know what it is we want to get done and accomplished between when we get up in the morning to when we fall back to sleep. But when it comes to long-term goals, we don’t have such a clear mind on exactly how we want things to get accomplished and/or what the set destination is. I stated in THIS piece that was shot by my good friend Antoine Ryan , that life isn’t about the destination its all about the journey.

To be able to achieve long term goals you must know exactly what it is you want to achieve, and be ready and willing for whatever your journey may have in store for you heading to your destination. But you must have a clear defined goal to allow your mind to focus its power on.

When having your goal in my mind you must next map out a plan of action. “How am I going to bring this to life?” This step is where you will have to be upmost calm, patient, and delicate. What’s difficult at this stage is that some may over think their plan of action, over thinking is one of the worst things one can do to themselves. Sometimes the answer is right in from of us but we just don’t see it, kind of like that loose puzzle piece. You need to sometimes just get up and walk away from it for a bit come back with a clearer state of mind. Remember this takes time so be patient.

After developing a plan of action, your imagination must kick in. I tend to imagine my goal be reached and fulfilled, I really believe if I can imagine it and picture it I can live it. Why the hell not right? Some use the excuse that they really are not capable of using their “imagination” to visualize such events. Practice makes perfect, and excuses get you a whole lot of nothing so get to it.

Another important step is to transmit your thoughts to other individuals such as your fellow peers. You have to do more than just talk the talk but you have to be able to make them feed off of your own energy and believe in your vision. Enough hopefully for them to support and believe in you. This is a must; there will always be those certain individuals that you will cross paths with that will be able to bring you up to the next level if they are willing to invest in what you believe in. You must eliminate all doubts that they may have as well as doubts that you may have, you’re only as strong as you’re weakest link. To be able to pick up guidance and assistance along the way you must concentrate and control your thoughts, have will power, patience, discipline, and above all else honesty and humility.

You must be ambitious and filled with motivation towards your goal; it’s that one trait that really cannot be stopped if powerful enough. You will not be able to achieve anything if you don’t have motivation to back it. People will be able to see that hunger for success in your eyes and in your craft. When others can spot that they will gravitate towards you and support your journey. To stay motivated, constantly think about what your goal maybe the benefits and its advantages it will give you once it is achieved and how it will bring much change to your life.

Your mind/thoughts contain so much power and we are not even aware of it. Things that we usually tend to think about usually come true. Yes these thoughts may be on a small scale, but if they work on a small scale why can’t your mind affect thoughts on a much bigger scale. We must allow, believe, and trust it can. Pouring your mental thoughts and visuals day after day into your craft will eventually take shape and begin to resemble what it is you desire. But it all goes back to your motivation and how bad do you want it.

“Not every thought turns into reality. A thought has to be repeated often, and be tinged with desire, in order to come true. Doubts fears and worries tend to destroy what you build with the power of your mind. This means that you need to clear your mind of negative thoughts and doubts. You might say that this is not possible, but it is, through proper training” – R.S

2 comments on “Power of your mind and thoughts

  1. Christian on said:

    Very inspirational & truthful words. Well said!

  2. Well said indeed! This deserves a reblog and then some. Take Care and keep em coming! This is already becoming one of my favorite blogs to read and gander at.

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