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When on the go with traveling across borders, scouting or just on an easy afternoon stroll its becomes a bit of a nuisance carrying my DSLR around with me. Not to mention the unspoken awkwardness that falls on people when a big body DSLR camera is whipped out. Don’t get me wrong she’s my baby but there are cases where I need to move one silence and be discreet. I’m on the search for the best compact mirror less camera for the times I’d want to go unheard and unseen. What am I looking for ?? A camera that works well in low light, little to no shutter noise, wifi, built to last, and can be concealed with a slick slip into to the pocket. Ive been doing a bit of homework and so far the Fuji X100T is looking inticing and a possible candidate!




Fuji X100T

Been on the prowl as of late looking for the perfect sofa for my new space. Mind you when I say on the prowl I mean, falling in love with a piece, sitting on it to get a good feel, and then having my heart shatter after looking at the price.

Here are a couple of my favourite pieces thus far :

Volage EX-S

Volage EX-S, a new generation of the sofa by Philippe Starck. For more than twenty years, Philippe Starck has undertaken with Cassina the task of rethinking the classic sofa. Volage EX-S is the result of this research. Volage EX-S is particularly evident in its increased comfort, as highlighted in its name EX-S, extra soft: the sofa has a comfortable single cushion-seat and a wide armrest which both have a polyurethane core padded with feathers, a tempting invitation to gather and relax in the home.

Furniture 2DS 21


The design created by architect and designer Stephan Hürlemann for de Sede blends into any environment, though its proportions have a new, fresh appearance. The sofa’s architectural structure stems from a metal frame that surrounds the individual cushions and appears to carry them with ease. The more luxurious elements counterbalance the starkness of the frame. They are designed as modules which can be rearranged.














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