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There is nothing that beats the feeling of seeing something for the first time, a breath of fresh air type of feeling. I haven’t felt such a feeling in quite sometime until earlier this week, while surfing the inter webs. I came across a brand called Laurence Airline. Laurence Airline is a menswear brand that resides from Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Not only does Laurence Airline construct beautiful garments but as well have collaborative efforts to build jobs and creative opportunities within their community to uplift and empower their people of Cote d’Ivore.


It puts a smile on my face to witness such authenticity and love put together in a brand not only to produce amazing garments but to uplift a society and share their story. What grabbed my attention to this brand is most definitely their use of proportioning. Not only with their fittings and measurements but as well with the usage of their prints/materials. When it comes to most brands who attempt to use tribal prints they tend to go a bit over board and lets be honest it ends up come out tacky and tasteless . But with perfect usage of contrasts, accents, and symmetry Laurence Airline showcases the beauty of each design effectively.

 Check out their web space for more

One comment on “Needs & Wants : Laurence Airline

  1. *Checked online store, says coming soon. Upset* That’s how i truly feel.

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