Nautical Stripes


 When looking for pattern in menswear there are quite a wide range of different options, but not all necessarily get the go ahead. It all comes down to ones personal style and taste, and a large majority of men are rather picky and subtle with their choice of styles. But with all the patterns that flutter around in menswear stripes by virtue of their simplicity and flexibility is at the top of the ranking.


Brief History

“Declared part of the French Navy’s standard issue by the 1858 Act of France, the navy-and-white-striped shirt made it easier to spot sailors who fell overboard. In the century since, the so-named nautical stripe has exhibited some survival skills of its own. Its simple design has a beauty and a utility that make it the perfect contrast to more luxe statements—next to bolder hues and jewelry, the stripe is practically spare ”






When on the market for stripes everything comes into play: stripe sizes, color of the stripes, background color of the stripes,as well as fabric. One must be a tad more careful when picking up a striped garment than they would their everyday basic. Stripes can easily throw off not only proportions of the outfit but as well as your body and give off illusion thats not the most flattering.


The sweater I’m wearing is from UK brand  Farah. Nautical stripes are so easily accessible to everyone regardless of how big or small your clothing budget is. Because nautical stripes are such a staple piece it all comes down to what you decide to pair it with slim cut chinos or denim and a pair of everyday canvas sneaks, decks shoes, or in my case bucks.

Photo Credit : Christian

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  1. Man you gets it right every time. good-job!

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