Naked & Famous : Camouflage Denim
August 23rd, 2012

When it comes to Camouflage what’s the first thing that comes to mind ? to be hidden, protected, secure etc. But Naked & Famous really must have missed that part ( in a good way ). We have seen so much camouflage this past season, by now I would have thought that I would be sick of it already ( S/S 2013 there will be a lot more Camouflage so get used to it ). As long as its executed nicely I’m always on board with it.

These pants will keep you anything but hidden, for some that may be exactly what you’re looking for. They are a lightweight with a medium-low rise. The fit is called “Weird Guy” , which is a slim fit and is tapered from the knee down. Did I mention these joints are double sided?

Not sold yet? Details, details, details its all in the details. The Camouflage¬†Denim by Naked & Famous is double sided with a different base colour inside and outside. So if you’re like me and from time to time you like to take time to cuff or roll your pants before making your way out. You’d be adding a bit more detail at the same time, N&F has got it all covered.




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  3. hi…..I love your style soooooooooo much….great and fantastic looks
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