My Experience : Giro d’Italia


Let me start off by saying I don’t know squat when it comes to cycling, besides my daily treks from point A to B. But there really isn’t a bad time to look into and learn more about cycling. What better way to learn anything about cycling than to have a first hand experience at one of the world’s largest cycling events Giro d’Italia.

Giro d’Italia is a stage race bicycle race that dates as far back as the 1909. Initially it was created to race sales of the La Gazzaetta Dello Sport. First starting out featuring racers primarily from Italy. Giro d’Italia has gained prominence over the years to now be host to what is known to be one of the largest races in the world. Attracting riders and fans from all over the globe.




During the Giro d’ Italia the country transforms in preparation for this spectacular event by drenching itself in pink. From everything from fans, storefronts, dogs, to even fountains glow of this magnificent colour that symbolizes the Giro. La Gazzaetta Dello Sport, chose the colour pink because hey began to print their newspaper on pink paper. In 1939 the pink jersey was added to the sport, the pink jersey is worn each day. The rider who is wearing the pink jersey is ahead on time over the entire race up to that point.

Over the little time I spent in Italy and following the Giro d’Italia, I soaked up as much knowledge about the sport as possible. The more I soaked in the more I respected and grown to appreciate the sport. What drew me first to the world of cycling is the team dynamic that it upholds.

Before a race or stage a team will devise a strategy to get the result they want. On a flat stage they’ll want to get their best sprinter to the line first, and in the mountains they will want their climbers or GC (general classification — the overall race rankings) riders to do well. If the team has the leader’s jersey (e.g. the yellow jersey in the Tour de France) the aim will be to retain it. Teammates are essential for executing the plan.


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