Last Minute Gifts For Christmas

Been gone for a minute and I’m now back, 2 weeks to be exact. But really who’s counting? I’m back in time for the holidays and that’s all that really matters. Christmas time is always a frantic time of the year, finding out what everyone wants, running around in attempts to get gifts for everyone. Even for those whom you may barely know. Just to end up back home and realize 6 out of 7 bags are filled with crap you purchased for yourself instead because “you needed it”. I’ve compiled a list of quick last minute gifts, that are great options for those you love and also for those you pretend to love to get that promotion.

Maison Martin Margiela – Blue Leather & Suede

These Margielas are Oh So God like! I came across them a few months back when funds were low. It was a sad day for cruising the Internet indeed. But man are they clean or what ? I’ve never really been a big fan of the color blue but these joints have had me drooling for a sometime now. Plus they are marked down by 30% COP NOW WHILE YOU CAN!


Dawson Pants – Raised By Wolves

Let me tell you something! Since the whole slim sweats “trend” popped off. I’ve always tried to find a pair that were comfy, warm, not too droopy, and cuffed ankles all at the same time. But to no prevail, until I modeled for the Raised By Wolves F/W look book. This is no bias B.S. when I say these pants are comfy as hell!! Perfect to a T they are must have for everyone’s wardrobe. I’ll even keep it real with you guys and have you know I wore these sweats 4 days straight and I never looked back no F’s were given that week.

Check them out here !!!


 Humans Of New York

One of my favourite bloggers, journalist, photographer, whatever you want to call him is Brandon Stanton.  He is the creator behind Humans of New York, if you have never heard or came across his blog I highly suggest you check it out now. What I love about his work is that his imagery is always brought to life by a story of his encounters with everyone he meets.  His book is now a #1 New York Times Bestseller, it is a 400-page book full of vibrant colours conveying a vibrant city and it’s citizens.

His Site & book is available on his page!


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