The holiday season is a joyous time and loved by mostly everyone, however the holidays definitely have a dark side. The stress of shopping for gifts, office deadlines, hectic crowds, an managing your drunken uncle at family gatherings is not fun. Life is a rat race and requires a deeper integration of science and wellness in order to battle the stresses that come with it. Kinin offers a portable wellness accessory that delivers the benefits of an essential oil diffuser in a portable package no larger than the size of a pen. Each of their blends are designed to be inhaled using vapor technology to mobilize the benefits from nature’s naturally occurring aromatic compounds to immediately create a positive physiological effect: relaxing effortlessly, recovering quickly, and achieving a superior focus.

Then, based on the type of volatile active ingredient, other pathways will be invoked. For Kinin Relax, it’s GABA. For Kinin Focus, it’s the norepinephrine, and for Kinin Recover, it’s the terpenes that our body sense as indicators of health.

Kinin is the most effective way to use natural chemicals to invoke neurological responses and here's how to use in life's daily activities:

FOCUS: Before exercise or intensive mental activity like writing.

RECOVER: Post Workout or to fight off an oncoming cold.

RELAX: Before Bed or during high stress/anxiety sensations throughout the day.



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