How To Wear White Jeans

It’s what we are all afraid of, we all try our best to avoid it as much as possible. Something like that one awkward friend from high school you spot at a party. You do your best to duck and weave and not to see him/her or at least not make any eye contact. But just like anything in life we are scared of there is a time we have to suck it up and get over it and deal with it.






Personally, I wear white denim all year round. The rule for saving white for the hot summer months is not anyway relevant to me, if you own it rock it. First things first accept the fact that your white jeans WILL GET DIRTY there is no way of stopping it or getting around it.


 1. Aim for a straight fit not a skinny, white jeans are extremely flattering however too tight can reveal a lot more than you aim for.


2. Quality, quality, quality! When purchasing white jeans do not cut yourself short on quality. When white jeans are poorly made it definitely shows. Try to avoid anything tacky and not necessary, such as frills, fake pockets, random zipper detailing, contrast stitching, rhinestones, the list goes on. Go for a clean minimalistic look.


3.What’s appealing about white jeans is that they give off a really classy clean aesthetic right off the bat and they look amazing with anything.  Do not just take an easy route and pair them with a black polo, tee or button up. Keep the look alive with a denim button up or even floral’s such as myself.

4. BE CONFIDENT! White jeans are a little trickier to wear so of course they will take a bit more confidence and you must be comfortable.  If you’re still hesitant on buying white jeans try a pair or two next time you’re out shopping. If you’re still on the fence after all that………


5. YOLO!

One comment on “How To Wear White Jeans

  1. I love the look, white jeans on a print shirt. Working on a similar look for my next shoot.

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