Fall Fabrics : Corduroy

It’s that time again, for all you beachheads and summer heat bathers just like everything else in life it slowly comes to an end. It is time to make way for in my opinion the most glorious season of them all. Fall before we know it will be in full swing. In the passing weeks I shall be documenting a few great things we should all be having in our closets for Fall : fabrics, prints, colors you name it. What screams fall better than corduroy? Not many things actually that’s what.

It is believed that during the Industrial Revolution in Manchester England is when Corduroy was originated. Looking back on documented historical issues on English heritage it is evident that corduroy has a very distinct “English” look. Corduroy is broken down and categorized by the number of “wales” per inch. This categorization is from 1.5 to 21, what difference does it make? Well the lower amount of wales are much thicker and tend to be more rugged than the higher number amount of wales. The common corduroy fabric has 11 wales per inch, however Pincord ( the finest of the corduroy family ) carries a wale count of 16 or above making it extremely smooth and luxurious.

 Brief History : “Corduroy emerged in the late 18th century in Manchester, England where the onset of the Industrial Revolution provided machinery and manpower to facilitate its popularity. Once a luxurious indulgence for fastidious royals, corduroy became the go-to fabric for the working class, who needed durable, warm clothing on the factory floors and in the fields. During class-conscious Victorian times, corduroy was dubbed, “the poor man’s velvet.” As a result, corduroy fell out of favor until the middle of the 20th century when it was repurposed by college students and hippies in the 1960’s counter culture movement.”

If you’re in the market looking to pick up a pair of corduroy pants for this fall pay close attention the sizing of the wales. Modern day corduroys have a midsize amount of wales, which is always a safe bet to go with. Personally, the thinner the better I’ve never been too much of a wide wale fan but hey to each his own.  It really all comes back down to cut and fit. As long as they don’t have an overly saggy and clumpy look to them, by all means go for it.

3 comments on “Fall Fabrics : Corduroy

  1. I was wondering what’s the name of those shoes ?
    i’m trying to get a pair of new balances and i want those lol
    please give me feedback on my tumblr if not i’ll check on here constantly, please and thank you !

  2. I’ve read some good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting.

  3. Nancy Asante on said:

    Those new balance shoes are amazing.

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