Martone Cycling Co. Brings Rose Gold To The Table

Inspired by the signature gold “Grand” and silver “Regard” metallic bikes that launched the brand to fame four years ago, the rose gold is a chic, rose-hued accessory designed to amplify the rider’s personal style. Martone Cycling creator, Lorenzo Martone, commented, “I created this brand on the idea that people should not have to sacrifice style and beauty for functionality.

Kruger Original Lookbook Zine

Some time ago I joined forces with Montreal based creative collective Kruger Originals to produce a look book featuring their latest pieces to their collection.

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DESIGN |Bedroom Ensemble, 1963

The shapes of the furniture are skewed as if rendered in a perspective drawing, giving an exaggerated illusion of depth. The theme of illusion is continued in the textures and materials of Oldenburg's Bedroom

Visuals : 1111 Lincold Rd, Miami