The holiday season is a joyous time and loved by mostly everyone, however the holidays definitely have a dark side. The stress of shopping for gifts, office deadlines, hectic crowds, an managing your drunken uncle at family gatherings is not fun. Life is a rat race and requires a deeper integration of science and wellness in order to battle the stresses that come with it. Kinin offers a portable wellness accessory that delivers the benefits of an essential oil diffuser in a portable package no larger than the size of a pen. Each of their blends are designed to be inhaled using vapor technology to mobilize the benefits from nature’s naturally occurring aromatic compounds to immediately create a positive physiological effect: relaxing effortlessly, recovering quickly, and achieving a superior focus.

Then, based on the type of volatile active ingredient, other pathways will be invoked. For Kinin Relax, it’s GABA. For Kinin Focus, it’s the norepinephrine, and for Kinin Recover, it’s the terpenes that our body sense as indicators of health.

Kinin is the most effective way to use natural chemicals to invoke neurological responses and here's how to use in life's daily activities:

FOCUS: Before exercise or intensive mental activity like writing.

RECOVER: Post Workout or to fight off an oncoming cold.

RELAX: Before Bed or during high stress/anxiety sensations throughout the day.



ESSENTIALS : Leather Jacket ( Leather Weather )


Time to shine some light on my biggest obsession when it comes to fashion as a whole, outerwear. The weather outside has begun bringing a little bit of a chill as the leaves change colour and the Autumn season sets in. A leather jacket is unarguably a wardrobe staple every man should have in their closet. No matter the style, whether it be a Perfecto, Racing Jacket, Bomber, or even a Field Jacket. Not only does a fine leather jacket look good but it also has longevity on it’s side. Nowadays this garment is most likely to be the one of the most expensive pieces to your wardrobe ( rightfully so), reason being. A good leather jacket is one of the few long term relationships you’ll have in fashion. They’re built to last, age as you do and can be paired with more items than you might expect.

Biker Jacket | All Saints

The Leather Jacket we have grown to love and appreciate today, first came to prominence in the early 1900s. Brown leather flight jackets were worn by the early aviators and the military, most notably the German Air Force in World War I. However it wasn’t until 1928 where Irving Scott, the son of Russian immigrants, was contacted by a Long Island Harley-Davidson distributer, Beck Industries. Beck had requested him to create a tough, zip-up leather jackets to protect motorcyclists from the weather and unfortunate falls. Beck got exactly what they asked for, it retailed at $5.50 and was called the Perfecto.

Biker Jacket| All Saints

Bomber Jacket | All Saints

During World War II the flight jacket became known as the “bomber jacket” and was heavily insulated and prized for its warmth. But the leather goods doesn’t have to stop with just your outerwear!

Emmanuel Farre, a self-taught patina artist, has been transforming genuine leather goods into custom coloured works of art. His exclusive process consists of transforming any genuine leather into a customized, one-of-a-kind piece. His work garnered global attention at which time he began doing numerous expos in New York City, at the Shoe Service Institute of America in Philadelphia, and the Hotel de Paris Saint Tropez. Emmanuel works with a combination of natural pigments and leather dyes that he applies with tiny brushes. He typically paints about 8 to 12 layers of colour to achieve the desired, aged effect with drying time in between. A final glaze is then applied to seal his work.

Stand out pieces to me by Maison Patina must go to the Chelsea Boot as well as the Messenger Bag in Denim Blue. Off the jump his entire collection brings a different flare and perspective to leather. I instantly fell in love with these boots the moment I had unpacked them. Not only are they one of the freshest Chelsea Boots Ive came across, but they are also extremely comfortable and easy to move around with. Plus the matching messenger bag on your side is a game changer and takes your sartorial taste to new levels.


Menswear Essentials | The Desert Boot

With the ability to dress this one up or down, coupled with its ease of wear and comfort, it is a no brainer to why the Desert Boot is stamped as an essential piece of footwear. From the mind of British soldier Nathan Clark the desert boot was brought to life by Clarks Originals and have been adopted into the realm of menswear.

As classic and as essential as the Desert Boot may feel to us today it did not receive the praises from Clarks Original when it was first presented to them. Nathan Clark was looked down upon for his shoe design and had been sent overseas by the administration team to manage production in hopes to take his mind off his design. It wasn’t until a year later that Nathan Clark debuted the Desert Boot at the Chicago Shoe Fair in 1950. From that moment the design blew up and everyone in the world of footwear fell in love instantly with the Desert Boot.

The same reasons why the Desert Boot were a hit in the 1950’s still hold true today. They can be dressed either up or down, they rarely had to be cared for, and they are affordable. In my honest opinion, if you plan on getting yourself a pair of Desert Boots I would advise you to stick to the classic pair of Clarks Originals.. These days the Desert Boot comes in an array of colours and patterns for you to choose from, which is all well and good, but, you’re very limited on what you can wear these with. So, recommend that it’s best to stick to the classics when buying a pair of Desert Boots, just so you can get the most wear out of your investment.