Muttonhead X Raised By Wolves

I love seeing and being able to support my fellow Canadian brands, and this one I’m really excited about. Muttonhead is all manufactured and designed in my home city of Toronto, Canada not only that but they are also sweatshop free and have strong ethical values. Muttonhead is inspired by a time when garments were made and valued for their functionality. To embody this Muttonhead combines classic shapes with season – less styles. Just recently Muttonhead collaborated with another Canadian brand Raise by Wolves to put together a limited edition collection. What I love about this collaborative effort is that they really took it back to the basics but fusing it with excellent textures and detailing.

For those in the Montreal area you can check out the collection at Boutique Alibi

This Just In : Alibi // Montreal

 Montreal is probably one of the best cities Canada has to offer, if not the best. Besides all of the amazing restaurants and people who reside here in Montreal. There are a great amount of well quality shops that cater to menswear. This city most definitely has everything covered from looking for head to toe fine bespoke tailoring down to just a fine t-shirt and well cut jeans. Compared to other cities I have resided in Montreal most definitely takes the cake.                                                                                 On the corner of Rachael and Berri. Holds home to one of my personal favourite menswear boutiques in Montreal. Alibi, has such a wide range of clothing and styles. And manage to make it flow effectively. They are able to reach out to many different genres of style that really whenever you go in you most likely will A) walk out with a piece or B) have a ” to purchase list” prepared for your next visit.  


“We support brands that stand out due to their quality, authenticity, and support an individual style”- Alibi   One of Alibi’s most popular and shop favourite brands is Marshall Artist.  This short sleeve button up just so happens to be my favourite piece in the shop and not only that it just so happens to be designed by Marshall Artist along with the camel coloured shorts. Why is the button up my favourite piece? Pfft the floral pattern of coarse. My love for prints and patterns shall never die away. Not only that but this shirt has such great detailing, thats what it’s really all about the subtle detailing. Marshall Artist offers well tailored fitting casual garments for the everyday urban city roaming male. But as for the detailing notice anything in common between the picture of the shorts and the close up of the shirt above? It’s the exterior leather opening pocket, this detail is a trademark from Marshall Artist. Anyone who really appreciates design and detailing, their eyes are always caught by this detail (from personal experiences).

I don’t know about you, but me and this sizzling weather really do not get along at all. We’ve all been there with those days that you are dreading. You hate everything and everyone in existence and you just want to be in the nearest pool asap.

In times like these really there is only one thing in apparel that can somewhat relieve oneself from discomforting heat.



 A good old fashion tank top does the trick for such events. Some may have an issue with tanks. Mainly because the first thing they think of may be an over masculine, testosterone thriving, jersey shore look a like muscular tool.

But just like anything when it comes to apparel its all about how you wear it. Play around with various sizes and textures, you will eventually find the right feel of a tank for your preferences.

Alibi recently got in store this multi coloured striped tank by Marshall Artist. The colours are fun, the fit is great, and also it has a buttoned henley detailing in the tip of the from collar. Plus it also comes in white, get your hands on one.


Photo Cred : Jargon Statement

Proprpostur X Alibi Boutique

So I’m on a roll with keeping myself busy and productive lately, and it feels great. The days of waking up at a complete loss I really do not want to have to go back to and deal with. Sometimes you just got to get up and do whatever you feel, even if you don’t even have a full plan on how you’re going to attack it just go with the flow. Hunting for models, scouting locations, and drawing up concepts are quite the time filler. One of my recent projects was a little shoot I put together with Alibi Boutique. Alibi is a retail space that caters to the passions of lifestyle, art, clothing, and skateboarding. The moment I stepped in I can feel the authentic within the space. Alibi is quite discerning when selecting what brand they want to carry within their space. What I genuinely respect about Alibi is that they believe clothing should not just be worn but also should accompany a lifestyle and be lived into. With that being said, in their methods of deciding on who to carry. Only brands with high quality, strong branding profile, and a strong philosophy behind their products are considered.

I picked up a few pieces they are currently carrying for the upcoming Spring/Summer inventory. And I just really went crazy.For those in the Montreal area Alibi is located : 506 Rachel East Montreal.