Essentials | The Chino Pant


Jacket : Garbstore 

Chinos : Bonvivant

Sneakers : Converse

The chino without a doubt is a must have essential in your wardrobe and with good reason. They are extremely versatile, don’t need to be a fashion enthusiast to pull them off, and lastly they are lightweight / comfortable ( giving you a free range of movement ).

Chinos, over the past few years are now being refereed to as ‘cotton twill trousers’. Like most contemporary wardrobe essentials chinos were initially designed with a militant purpose. Most notably for British and French soldiers uniforms of the mid 19th century. By the turn of the 20th century chinos moved on up and made it’s way to the wardrobes of the everyday working civilian. Strong and rugged, yet lightweight and comfortable, chino cloth was ideal for crafting fighting pants, and it took many years of khaki incarceration before chinos began to be rendered in the colourful styles available today.















In my humble opinion chinos always look better slightly tapered and either rolled at the hem or, for a more sartorial look, cut with a 1.5 to 2 inch turn-up. Fit and form are both necessities of function when it comes to chinos, meaning there is no one set of rules you should figuratively take into the changing room with you.

When dressing for more formal occasions, your chinos should be of a fine lightweight twill and fit pretty much as your suit trousers do, hanging perhaps a little lower on the hip, but maintaining the same rise and length in the leg and tapering toward the ankle.

If you would prefer to stay neutral and classic, navy and grey chinos are the very definition of versatility.


Essentials | The Denim Jacket


Patches by HALF PATCH

The first denim jacket dates back to the 1870’s by denim legend and Levi’s founder Levi Strauss ( early jacket records are unclear because the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 destroyed the archives of many workwear companies). There were brands such as Boss of the road, Stronghold and Heynemann made all sorts of workwear in denim. However Levi Strauss & Co. introduced the first riveted denim jacket, he even owned the patent on the design.

The 506, that would be labeled as the favourite model by rocker Eddie Cochran, introduced in 1953 Levis brought the 507 jacket to the world of mens workwear , adding an extra pocket and removing the buckle back in favour of side adjusters ( deemed a cleaner more modern look of the time ).





In 1962 Levi’s introduced the pre shrunk 557XX, considered to be a “classic trucker style”. Not considerd by Levi’s because they targeted the jacket to be worn by ranch workers. Nonetheless  fans of this style were the long-distance haulage drivers of the USA.




While the Levi’s denim jacket has evolved since then, the functionality and innate coolness of the piece has earned it as a definite essential to every mans wardrobe. A blue denim jacket belongs in your closet, no question, It even looks decent with a button-down and a tie if that’s where you feel like taking things. And because denim jackets won’t cost you an entire paycheck what’s the harm in owning blue and black?


Dealing with the heat feat. Michael Stars


Shots by : Jon Carlo

Trying to stay cool during the summer months isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But whom better than to take tips on staying cool during the summer than our friends on the Western States of America. California based brand Michael Stars, what started as a brand devoted to creating the perfect tee has evolved into a full collection of luxury essentials that embody the modern California lifestyle for women and men.


By far my favourite piece would have to be the Vintage Twill Shirt Jacket, it has a workwear feel. I’m a lowkey a sucker for anything with a bit of work wear inspiration. Their t-shirts constructed with a bamboo viscose and polyester is soft to the touch and breathe extremely easy. Making it an ideal piece would really want to be caught in when the sun is unforgiving.

Take a look for your self !