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Hoody Season
Hoodie on Left Mandatory X Champion FW17 Hoodie on Right Bonvivant Shop X Studio FW17














When it comes to style certain garments sometimes get overlooked and sometimes forgotten. The hoody is definitely a garment that fits that list, they are mass-manufactured like the T-shirt or jeans, but with neither rock ’n’ roll credibility.

In the 1920’s sportsmen would mainly wear knitted wooden sweaters, typically grey, in order to keep warm before and after training. Inevitably it needed regular washing but was prone to shrinkage and slow to dry.

Champion was the first to create the hooded sweatshirt in 1930 which were produced in the united States, and marketed to labourers working upstate New York who spent their time working in freezing temperatures. But it wasn’t until the 1970’s that the hoodie began to get some shine. Hip Hop culture being born and bred in New York City, high fashion designers such as Norma Kamali and others are known to be contributors to the rising success of hoodies.

Hoody Season

Hoody Season
Hoodie Above by Reigning Champ


LEFT Hoodie by Mandatory X Champion RIGHT Hoodie by Reigning Champ

How to wear: When sporting a hoodie you’re want to keep the hoodie proton anywhere between slim and roomy, around this season hoodies are perfect for layering under a leather jacket or even a Mac jacket seen above. The slimmer the fit the better you can keep the bulking while layering to a minimum, but please refrain from extremely tight sweaters, not a good look.

Hoody Season

New tricks when the coats come out




Temperatures drop and coats come out, reasons why I love fall. But sadly here in Quebec it’s crazy how quick that turns to the dead of winter. So us jacket lovers got to flex our fits while we can.

  You can say I’m romantic about my outerwear. A good coat is hard to come by, especially when you’re picky, have taste, but at the same time not into splurging if not necessary.

But when you find a gem, you find a gem. It’s just that simple. The Athletic Retro LA Kings jacket is definitely a gem in my books. Black, low-key, flattering fit, soft simmer. There’s no way I could pass up this piece, jackets are pieces that  always try to never let go of. I surely will keep this bad boy in the arsenal of outerwear for some time.


When it comes to black denim I tend to keep it to fairly minimal slim silhouette. Style is to be explored, its always good to experiment with various styles you and try expand your range of style.  The Broderick Slouch Skinny by Hudson Jeans has a great deal of unique characteristics that are far from my personal norm. Such as the two front zip pockets on each side of the hip and the light grey distressed pattern through out the jean. I find my self rocking them more often then I thought. I guess Hudson can is teaching your boy some new tricks.HA!


Brands to discover : A(LeFrude)E F/W 2016

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Evidence suggests that a good majority of Japanese designers ( even my personal favourite Yohji Yamamoto ) can sometimes sacrifice wearability and function in favour of material or colour patterns in order to complete a unique aesthetic. Japanese designers have long been known for their unique, sometimes irreverent, approach to fashion classics. But nonetheless you will be left with a feeling of refreshing when viewing collections. When it comes to A(LeFrude)E (pronounced “ah-le-froo-duh”) you can grasp that sense of refreshment, with out compromising wearability and function.  A(LeFrude)E certainly keeps with the trend of unique Japanese fashion, while  staying closer to the DNA of the original target garments with subtler, more personal twists.

More pictures, lookbooks, and information at their website:


AIME LEON DORE – Women’s Collection



A lot of New Yorkers would claim they do it better being one of the world’s greatest capital cities I could agree to this on a lot of levels. Aime Leon Dore even though they are in early stages of a brand they are no exception to this theory. Created in 2014, Aimé Leon Dore is a fashion and lifestyle brand based out of New York City. With a strong focus on simple yet powerful design. Leon Dore is driven to create timeless work by portraying an aesthetic that is uniquely own. Timeless, is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Aime Lean Dore. Designer Teddy Santis has had many successful years in the realm of menswear and for the first time is crossing his talents over to creating womenswear. If you are familiar with Aime Leon Dore, you can really notice the influence in aesthetics.