How I See It: Praise FW’17 X Frame Moi

Summer time in Montreal is sweeter than lemonade sipped through a straw made out of sugar cane, but as we all know Autumn is slowly but surely creeping up. So as much as we love basking in the sun and running around with your summer love(s). We eventually need to layer up and get set for cuffing season, which I am not the least bit mad at if you ask me. I had teamed up with PRAISE to shoot and showcase their FW’17 collection, and it excites me just as much as the idea of cuffing season being around the corner.  Not to mention the amazing eyewear by Frame Moi.

Based between Montreal and Los Angeles PRAISE was born to bridge style, quality and value. Since Day 1 PRAISE has been solely committed to bringing innovation across different product categories; emphasizing on fit, fabric, construction and comfort. Everyone is built different in terms of personality, in which can be translated through their personal style. PRAISE has a strong sense of this idea and utilizes this ideology in their approach to defining PRAISE, they are not set to impose a lifestyle or any specific identity. Working with wardrobe staples like distressed denim and the coach jacket, PRAISE keeps a hint of familiarity with a twist of their own interpretations on the classics. Giving PRAISE the ability to cater to anyones personal style while maintaining their value.


We had also partnered up with Frame Moi, for all my eyewear fans this is a brand of eyewear to that you need to get to know. Constantly hunting for framed treasures since 2015 with the mindset to give each frame a second life span. Frame Moi carries a wide variety of styles of eyewear, from various eras between the 1900’s to 2000’s. Besides carrying a wide selection of frames, Frame Moi also provides unique customization to fit your personal style whether you want a solid colour lens, a coloured gradient, or simply lenses to help with sight Frame Moi has you covered.

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Photos Below Shot By Oliviero Fontana

Styled & Shot | All Saints S/S 2017

All Saints has been one of my favourite brands for as long as I could remember, known for their work with premium leather and outerwear, most notably its iconic biker jacket. All Saints expresses attitude and individuality through its deep-rooted links to music, and its film division – AllSaints Studios. All Saints approach to everything they produce from garments to film is true and in sync to their rockstar appeal. Staying consistent and true to your brand is admirable and keeping the content fresh and innovative at the same time is sometimes unheard of.

With the first day of summer shortly passing, I had the opportunity to document and build content for All Saints showcasing some of my favourite styles from their S/S 17 Collection. It’s extremely important to me to aim to work along side with brands that I believe in. Not only just aesthetically but the story and the identity of the brand must all tie together. Helping me put together I summoned a couple of my favourite faces Dietrich & Yasmine.

Shot by Proprpostur


Jacket – Matsu Bomber Jacket


Shirt – Sakura Short Sleeve Shirt

Shorts – Ipava Shorts

Jacket – Tassel Balfern

Shirt – Ada V-Neck

Denim – Mazzy Straight Cropped Jeans


Jacket : Kuma Bomber

Shirt : Blyth Vest

Dress : Elen Neluwa


Martone Cycling Co. Brings Rose Gold To The Table

Fashion bike brand Martone Cycling Co. has unveiled a special limited edition “rose gold” bicycle for 2017. The “Studio City” will be produced in 50 units only, and doubles both as a functioning, versatile city bike and as a coveted design item turned collector’s piece. Inspired by the signature gold “Grand” and silver “Regard” metallic bikes that launched the brand to fame four years ago, the rose gold is a chic, rose-hued accessory designed to amplify the rider’s personal style. Martone Cycling creator, Lorenzo Martone, commented, “I created this brand on the idea that people should not have to sacrifice style and beauty for functionality. A bike is an object you live with, and it should stimulate your senses and bring joy to the eye -- in addition to the more obvious health and environmental benefits.”

It features black detailing on the seat, grips, and rubber wheel treads that starkly contrast the rose gold paint, allowing it to glisten even more. Keeping true to MCC’s standards, this model boasts a dual-legged adjustable kickstand, a SRAM system that automatically shifts gears as the rider cycles, and of course, the signature red chain and lucite pedals. These limited edition bikes will for the first time also come with a special gift – a rose gold-plated necklace with a moving bike crank-inspired pendant, with the Martone Cycling Co. logo. These limited-edition rose gold-hued bikes will be available exclusively at Holt Renfrew in Canada, as well as

Designed in New York City and crafted in Taiwan, Martone bikes are composed of steel alloy and aluminum, weighing in at a mere 26 pounds (with basket). The wheels are 700 x 32c wide with stainless steel hubs and puncture resistant tires to tackle city streets.

Menswear Essentials | The Desert Boot

With the ability to dress this one up or down, coupled with its ease of wear and comfort, it is a no brainer to why the Desert Boot is stamped as an essential piece of footwear. From the mind of British soldier Nathan Clark the desert boot was brought to life by Clarks Originals and have been adopted into the realm of menswear.

As classic and as essential as the Desert Boot may feel to us today it did not receive the praises from Clarks Original when it was first presented to them. Nathan Clark was looked down upon for his shoe design and had been sent overseas by the administration team to manage production in hopes to take his mind off his design. It wasn’t until a year later that Nathan Clark debuted the Desert Boot at the Chicago Shoe Fair in 1950. From that moment the design blew up and everyone in the world of footwear fell in love instantly with the Desert Boot.

The same reasons why the Desert Boot were a hit in the 1950’s still hold true today. They can be dressed either up or down, they rarely had to be cared for, and they are affordable. In my honest opinion, if you plan on getting yourself a pair of Desert Boots I would advise you to stick to the classic pair of Clarks Originals.. These days the Desert Boot comes in an array of colours and patterns for you to choose from, which is all well and good, but, you’re very limited on what you can wear these with. So, recommend that it’s best to stick to the classics when buying a pair of Desert Boots, just so you can get the most wear out of your investment.