96 hours in Santa Fe, New Mexico

With its dramatic landscapes and historical architecture, Santa Fe (which means “holy faith” in Spanish) is a city like no other. Sitting at 7,000 feet above sea level, the capital of New Mexico is a playground for discovery. From culinary experiences to art fairs and from the opera to the outdoors, there are plenty of festivities happening and things to do. I experienced the best of what the area has to offer through a pre-designed travel itinerary as a guest of Tourism Santa Fe. And from the moment I arrived in Albuquerque to drive northeast into Santa Fe, I knew that I was in for quite the experience.

Whether you are a foodie or an adventurer, here are great ways to get the most out of a trip to Santa Fe.

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Covering all the trails of Santa Fe is no easy task: The city is surrounded by over a million acres of public land and is the starting point for a variety of outdoor adventures including hiking, camping, and fishing. Explore the vast amount of hiking and mountain biking trails or go camping in the forest. Before taking to the outdoors, keep the effects of high altitude in mind: The air gets dryer and air pressure decreases. Moisture quickly evaporates from your skin, so it’s important to stay hydrated.

1. Drink plenty of water on the way while you are sitting at the airport, on the plane or in the car, drink water. Don’t try to save trips to the restroom by skimping on liquid.

2. Ease into your activity. Allow your body time to acclimate and take longer rest periods than usual.

3. Carry water wherever you go and drink often. Pay attention to your body’s thirst signals and drink a little more than what you think you need. A headache is a sign of dehydration.

4. Consume foods with high water content. Maintain your hydration levels by consuming water-rich fruits and vegetables such as cucumber and watermelon.

5. Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic and may inhibit your body’s water absorption. Try to limit liquid your fluid intake to mostly plain water.

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Runner up to being blown away by the landscapes was the architecture, Santa Fe’s architecture is one of a kind. No other city in the country has as many low slung buildings, coloured by the alluring coloured adobe bricks (mixture of sun-dried earth and straw). It’s almost magical where Santé Fe New Mexico is located; you have unique one of a kind architecture all around you. Then pair that with a backdrop of majestic mountains with gentle slopes, and above you is a sea of dramatic clouds casting scenic shadows along the mountainside.




Moving through the Santa Fe feels almost like you’re in a modern day Flintstone era, a small step back into time at each turn of a corner. While discovering Santa Fe, the architecture really kept things interesting from a photogenic perspective. Even though the Adobe architecture style dominates Santa Fe. Great lighting and dramatic shadows no corner or street looks or feels the same. Other examples of great architectural styles through out Santa Fe include Victorian, Italianate and California Revival. Moving forward to create a sleek new look for Santa Fe, modern architects are working to blend historical architectural styles with a contemporary design.

What is admirable about Santa Fe is how important it is for them to preserve their history and aesthetic through out the city. So much so that city law protects the architectural styles that new construction situated in core historic districts fits with the old.



The good people of Santa Fe take their culinary traditions very seriously. With over 200 restaurants featuring foods ranging from the regions savoury cuisine to modern southwestern fare to internationally inspired meals, Santa Fe has evolved as a destination for food lovers of all kinds.

With the amount of restaurants and assortment of foods its good to say that you can find anything you desire. But if you are looking for cultural experience and enjoy flavours that are the pride of Santa Fe. I would highly suggest diving into chile, which is a cultural essential to the lifestyle and deep history of Santa Fe. Just driving through Santa Fe you can spot hanging garlands of dried red chile outside of Santa Feons adobe homes.



Serving Santa Fe with on average 40 tons of chile per year, award-winning Tomasitas has earned the badge of honor of being the best in Santa Fe. Consistently serving quality food, great service, spicy margaritas and the best chile. Tomasita’s  has earned by the heart and vote of Santa Feons for Best Red Chile, Green Chile and Best New Mexican Restaurant.

Starting your mornings in Santa Fe with a smoothie from Sweet Harvest Kitchen is not on the list of things someone can get sick of. I opted for the Sweet Chili Mango Smoothie and let me tell you! The smoothie was as rich and as flavourful as it sounds. Green chile wrapped up in a wheat tortilla with a finishing of smothered in Christmas chile (red and green chile) the breakfast burrito was done in fantastic Santa Feon fashion.








When dibbling and dabbling into so many dishes in Santa Fe, you just may get eager to get into the action yourself. I found myself getting a deeper appreciation and outlook on the culinary arts while spending a little time in Santa Fe. When your nerves get kicking Santa Fe School of Cooking offers amazing culinary classes and various culinary programs. Spending an evening with Michelle Chavez as she whipped up an Red Oakleaf Lettuce with pears and Honey-Sherry Vinaigrette , Masa Encrusted Pork Chops, Cumin Marinated Potatoes, and a heavenly Peach Cobbler for the finisher. Not only was the evening rich in taste but it was also rich in education and great conversation. It did not come off as one of your step-by-step cooking classes.

For Santa Feons, having some of the top restaurants is just the tip of iceberg when it comes down to their passion and love for their culinary traditions. Food really brings the city of Santa Fe together, whether you are young or old the passion runs deep from generation to generation. Santa Fe as a whole has a very family feeling to it. It’s as if everyone is somewhat linked together or just that the hospitality is just so warming.



Head over to the Farmers Market  to not only find the best local foods in the city but to feel and experience a real warm and welcoming community atmosphere that is always flowing through the veins of Santa Fe.

The Farmer’s market is on the top of the list of things you need to get up for, fresh local produce and food, performances from local entertainment/talent, as well as creative one of a kind gift shopping. The farmers market is home to 150 vendors who all share the passion to serve, share, and educate hundreds of different agricultural products.

The ­Farmers Market assures and prides itself off of only supporting vendors that provide locally grown goods. This also includes ingredients, materials, and crafted items. This does nothing but strengthen the city of Santa Fe not just economically but also the farmers and artists of Santa Fe. Being that it is one of the oldest, largest, and most successful markets in the country. Since 2002, the Farmers’ market operates year round. This allows the market to continuously grow stronger even during the typical “off season”. The Santa Fe Farmers’ market shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. The energy that pumps through the Farmers Market is lively and very welcoming to all. If you’re like me and like to mingle, curious about anything and everything and love to people watch The Farmers Market is a must do.

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My horse riding skills are at the lowest of the low, so when I headed up to Bishops Lodge Resort  I was a bit on edge. Luckily the wrangler staff was great to work with when we got to the ranch. They already had an idea based on the groups riding experience which horse would be suitable for the rider. We rode off on our assigned horses, and my anxiety turned to excitement. The horses were calm and patient not at all aggressive and the horses pretty much had the route premeditated. This is something that all riders of any experience can enjoy from the active riders who may ride for sport down to children who would love to experience their first time on such beautiful horses.

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This place is ideal for everyone who appreciates the great outdoors. Hiking trails, tennis courts, outdoor pools horse back riding Bishops Lodge has you covered. Since being established in 1920’s Bishop Lodge has been catering to families and providing an unforgettable outdoor experience in Santa Fe, leaving no room for a dull moment. Situated on 317 acres in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountains is being envisioned and reconstructed to be the top resort in the nation.

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This experience in New Mexico had me being extremely active. Between all the climbing, tours, and catching all the content in between it was none stop action. With saying that my camera gear needed to stay all in one piece.

However, I would want a bag that doesn’t have me compromising style and taste. A large majority of camera bags I skim through, are either too slim or too bulky, Excessive amount of zippers or not enough, and worst of all the weight distribution through out the bag. Many things go into choosing the right camera bag. But by the wonderful graces of the Internet I was introduced to ONA BAGS.

With a passionate team ONA bags are handcrafted and driven to design products that complement style but most importantly protect my gear. It all falls into style meets function.

For this trip I went for a more slick and classic approach with The Nylon Camps Bay camera backpack. The Nylon Camps Bay camera backpack is handcrafted from premium 1050D ballistic nylon and features full-grain Italian leather accents and solid brass hardware in a sleek gunmetal finish. We expected to rained on a few times this trip, so I knew the water resistant feature would come in handy.

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  1. Wow, what a totally stunning place. Really want to make exploring a different city an annual tradition. Chicago was 2015’s destination, so I’m on the look out for where’s next. Santa Fe has extraordinary offerings that I can see myself being open to experiencing – I mean, hiking and horseback riding, I’ve never done. Thanks for spotlighting it. I may be up for the challenge.

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