Unplug & Go Fishing | Laurentides Wildlife Reserve @reseausepaq

Unplugging from social media, getting away from the hustle of everyday city life that can consume you, and heading out of town with good company to catch some fish is always a good idea. Where better to do so then in your very own backyard? Living in Quebec we are fortunate enough to have several areas surrounding us that are breathtaking filled with the valleys, the mountain peaks and the views are all so calming and just the right scenery and feel we needed for this trip.

To be fair I am quite the city boy but I’m always up for a new task, project, adventure. Anything that can possibly take me out of my comfort zone or just out of my normal day to day I’m always up for. We set out to Laurentides Wildlife Reserve, which is a government-protected site that spans over 7,861 square kilometres (3,035 square miles) and that is bigger than most European countries. Within this area, there are over 2000 lakes and 9 Rivers, as well as summits that reach heights over 1000 feet.


We stayed at the Chalet Sept-Iles, which is located just off the Route 175. It’s a large two-story cabin with six rooms, two bathrooms, three showers, and a fully equipped kitchen complete with pots, pans, plates, and more. All that you need to bring is the appropriate clothing, sleeping bags, pillows and of course, food.

Down the hill from our cabin lied Lac Sept-Iles, this Lac is known to be home to Brook and Lake trout, however they just weren’t biting at all. We were then informed the lake was roughly 170 meters deep and there wasn’t much action going on since the majority of the fish stay close to the bottom. It was pretty disappointing to be honest but, we were too determined to catch a big dinner for that evening. Luckily our guide Francois recommended we head out about 30 minutes to Lac Fortier.

The fish were having a field day and were biting profusely. So the following morning, after an amazing breakfast whipped up by the homie Patrick. We took to Lac Fortier to  to hopefully catch some fish finally.

Once we got to Lac Fortier, Francois gave us a quick run down on what fish we could expect to catch and the best spots through out the lake where the fishing are biting.

Fishing really slowed my though process down and really gave me the time I needed to relax, be calm, and just really enjoy the moment and my surroundings. After a few hours as a group we caught a total of twenty six fish. Which was way more than expected for a few first timers. But nonetheless mission was accomplished, and now to cook it up and dig in.


Special thank you to Marcus Troy and SEPAQ for the incredible experience!

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