4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe


The dreamy luxurious life that we all fantasize about is being able to have endless amount of clothing and be able to go out an shop day in and day out. Without one single care in the world but unfortunately in reality that really is not the case. Well for the most of us anyways. We all get tired of our wardrobe and constantly want more and new refreshing pieces. Investing in clothing can take a load out of your wallet if you have expensive taste that is. To make things easier on your wallet I have compiled 4 Ways to Get The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe.


Clean & Organize It

This is the most basic step into getting the most out of your wardrobe, but also the hardest to really get around to doing. We’ve all been there; walked into our depressing hole we call a room and glare at the piles on piles of clothing thrown everywhere. All in attempts to figure out where exactly your bed is buried underneath all the carnage. Once you start organizing and cleaning your closet. You will come across pieces of clothing you didn’t even know you had. Hell some of them may still even have tags on them. Hell in my case some of them may still be in the shopping bag in the corner buried under clothes. But whatever the case may be once everything is organized and in plain site you can start picking apart what you do and do not want. Considering sizing, colors, patterns etc.


Mix & Match

Try to pair up things in your wardrobe that you normally wouldn’t. You may come across a bomb ass fit, and guess what it was all in your belongings and U.O.E.N.O (You don’t even know it). Clothing can sometimes become a routine; you may wear that one specific tee with those cuffed chinos all the time without even realizing. Until you get called out in the most embarrassing scenario, you’re salty real salty and you got no one to blame but yourself.



Get A Second Opinion

Now this isn’t really so much something I would personally do because clothing to me is a bit personal. However others just might need a second opinion on what they have in their wardrobe. What they should keep and what they should throw away. Having a second perspective on things may open your eyes to change or revisit pieces that you haven’t shown much love to in awhile.

Add Character

Add Character

A lot of things get better with age and clothing is to no exception. A great deal of people throw out articles of clothing because they may have a rip, stain, lost a button, the list goes on. But there are two ways to look at it. Either you can look at this as the perfect opportunity to get your sewing skills polished. Or just accept it and think of the rip or stain as a bit of character to your look, no one is saying to walk around with jeans with the right side completely missing. But there are levels to this.

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