3 Ways To Take It Back To Basics

“ Where did you get that piece? How do you find these things? I wish I could pull that off! We should go shopping together sometime soon!” These are comments that most “stylish” individuals are bombarded with all the time. If you’re are not getting these comments well then … you know where you stand.

When having a great wardrobe or being able to piece things together, you need to start from the bottom. Then work your way up to understand and appreciate textures, silhouettes, colors, etc. The key to having a great wardrobe is owning a fair amount of basics. Every person who has a great attention and taste to style would tell you a lot of the times less is more.


It’s called Timeless for a reason

You can never go wrong with picking up timeless pieces, they will get a great deal of wear believe me. They are referred to being timeless and classic for a reason, but please steer away from the classic pieces that have some type of foolery with it. Whether it is embroidery, different silhouettes, unnecessary zippers and buttons. That 9 times out of ten are not even functional they are just there for show *pet peeve. The most important thing when looking into purchasing basics has to be the quality. Does it really seem reasonable to buy the same sweater 5 times over because it keeps ripping and barely even kept you warm? Or rather spend an arm on a leg on something that will last you sometime and you can wear over and over for years on end and be satisfied? I try to aim to purchase basics in black, navy, heather grey, tan, and my favorite moss green.









Is it right for me ?!?!

Now some basics / timeless pieces are not made for everyone and everyone’s budget does not weight out to be the same. So prioritizing is very important on what you decide to pick up. Decide what garments fit well with your lifestyle or current situation and how much wear you think you will get out of it. For instance if you need dress shirts, your first choice should be a plain and simple white button-cuff with a turn-down collar but don’t stop with just one. If you find a style from a brand that you like do not hesitate to purchase more then just one. Reason being you will wear them frequently and they are fast to get dirty, and then start dabbling into other styles.


Keep your wardrobe intact

There is no losing with a wardrobe that is built by versatile basics and timeless pieces. Right off the bat it appears well polished, easy to put together, and everything will appear cohesive. To get a better understanding on how to build a perfect wardrobe and get great use out of it. Check out my article on Getting the most out of your wardrobe.


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