Let us all take a moment and just bath our eyes with the flawless pieces that make up FWK By Engineered Garments F/W ’13 Collection. As always Japanese – American designer Daiki Suzuki has brought nothing but sheer taste to the table. Engineered Garments in my opinion is one of those brands that can never do any wrong. When it comes to the feminine FWK Collection, it is distinguished and consistently well constructed. When name-dropping influential designers Daiki Suzuki has proven time and time again why he belongs to be top tier of the game.


Gloomy Days

d1Gloomy rainy days are something we all despise but can not avoid during the transitional period of seasons (Spring – Summer). They can drag on for days on end. Luckily I didn’t get caught out in the rain. It was that time of the day where the rain had finally settled and left us with an overcast that just makes you feel as if the life is being sucked right out of you.

Wearing form-fitting apparel in gloomy or wet weather is the most uncomfortable thing to deal with. Even worse is when you get rained on and everything just feels as if its just stuck on to you ugh *shutters*. Gloomy and wet days I tend to throw on things that are a lot less form fitting and gravitate to a bit more of a baggier fit. Layering up during rainy seasons is a must, but not layering to the extreme. Keep it fairly basic with a lightweight sweater on unconstructed blazer. Why light weight? Well during rainy seasons while they may be a bit chilly the weather tends fluctuate quite quickly in a matter of minutes. Having something lightweight will be a good medium in case the climate decides to switch up on you mid day.

The cargos I am wearing in this post are heavier than what one should probably wear during the spring season. But they are still quite breathable and very roomie, and tend to absorb dampness a lot better than lightweight chinos or denim.




On Black Style

ONBLACKSTYLE19Fashion Week in any city is full of chaos and mayhem in Montreal it may not be as big an event as your New York Fashion Week or Paris. But we have our moments, where you really can’t deal with any more egos, cameras, questions, and you just want to get the hell out.

But to anything there is always and upside to everything. Just like any social gathering you will have those that you run into and will hate the very moment they open their mouths. Then you have those that you will connect with and take an interest to. Simone Aziga, who is a ONBLACKSTYLE20graduate student in Ryerson Universities Fashion MA Program, approached me. She told me about a project that she was putting together that focuses on “Black fashion” and asked if I would be down to be featured in her work. I humbly agreed and the end result looks amazing. Take a look for yourself!

 “On Black Style is an explorative study of black identities as seen through fashion. Consisting of original editorial content, it is presented as an online fashion magazine. Content derives from interviews and street style photographs taken in Toronto, Montréal and Hamilton. ”